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Music Overtakes Sports Genre

Music Overtakes Sports Genre

Music Overtakes Sports Genre

Data from the market research firm Odyssey suggests that music titles have overtaken sports as the second-most-played genre in videogames today.  

The findings were part of Odyssey’s Homefront Study; a survey of the ownership and usage of home entertainment commodities in America. These studies have been conducted since 1994 and now work on a quarterly basis.

In 2005, 62% of gamers surveyed by Odyssey said they play sports games, a figure which has now dropped to 50%. Conversely, the music genre has seen a surge in the survey’s participation figures, with 58% of respondents saying they play rhythm-action titles such as Rock Band, Guitar Hero and SingStar.

“We have seen an explosion in the music simulation category,” said Nick Donatiello, president and CEO of Odyssey.  “The phenomenal success of the Rock Band and Guitar Hero franchises in the past year has reshaped the landscape of the console game market.”

The figures are suggestive of the widening boundaries of the videogame market, with unprecedented levels of people outside of the gamer stereotype playing games. Odyssey claims that games are reaching an ever-larger part of US households, and that the music genre itself is responsible for the highest adoption of videogame consoles in years. The survey also finds that the majority of rhythm-action game players are in fact female, who together accounted for 53% of the genre’s players.

“Typically males have dominated the major console game genres. The fact that females make up the majority of a key category may be the first meaningful indication that console gaming is beginning to expand its audience, but it is too soon to tell,” said Erik Whiteford, managing director of Odyssey.

Of the decline of the sports genre, Donatiello argued that the category isn’t offering anything new, and that the market is becoming saturated by them. “While sports is still one of the critical categories, sports games are becoming relatively less important,” he added.

The action genre remains the most popular game category with 65% of the survey’s respondents claiming to play games of the genre.

Source: Edge-Online



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