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One thing you should know?


You should know this statements to your life, you will imagine your not alone. But here we are now still digging to know things to be better for ourselves and especially for everybody!

While uploading a project to the production server:

When your UI crashes and you failed to save your work:

While trying to fix a bug at 3AM:

When you manage to fix a bug that no one else was able to:

When the project you wanted is given to another developer:

While showing your boss that bug that you fixed:

When you upload code without first  testing it and it works:

The first time you apply CSS to a webpage:

When you run your script for the first time after working on it for several hours:

What happens to your team at the office while you’re on vacation:

When your boss is looking for someone to work on someone else’s project:

When your code doesn’t work when it’s supposed to:

What happens when you submit a project full of bugs to your boss:

While executing a database script, the company database gets deleted.

Source: Indigo Entertainment Phil. Inc.

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