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The Not-So-Subtle Differences Between Instagram on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone


Finally Intagram launches other platforms support for Windows Phone and update for iOS and Android.


On iOS (always pictured on the left) and Android (center), the main navigation tabs — your feed, Explore, the camera button, your notifications, and your profile — are spread across the bottom of the screen. On Windows Phone (right), everything but the camera button is located in the upper right of the app, next to the Instagram logo. The button is centered at the bottom of the screen with a search and refresh button on either side. On iOS and Android, the refresh button is located in the upper righthand corner. Instagram’s logo is centered on the feed tab in iOS, and left aligned on Windows Phone and Android.




The Feed
Scrolling through the stream of filtered photos uploaded by the people you follow, the experience is fairly similar across platforms. Your friend’s smiling circular avatar, name, and the time since they posted the photo are followed by a square image that takes up the width of your phone’s display. Beneath, comments and likes. On iOS, the “…” button that gives you the option to report a photo as inappropriate or share the URL also has the convenient option to tweet the photo. You flick upwards to go back in time in your feed. On Android and Windows Phone, the Instagram logo is persistent across the top of the screen as you scroll down.



Source: Wired


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